Where The Rubber Hits The Road Tire Sale and Installation

Get the right tires for the roads you travel. LAD’S AUTO is pleased to partner with Tireland to offer our customers a full selection of factory-new tires for all makes and models. Choose from 14 leading name brands.

Got a Flat? We Do Tire Repairs

Do you have a slow leak? Did you find a nail in your tire?
LAD’S AUTO provides repair service on tires of all sizes.

Tire Replacement and Rotatation

Calgarians know the value of winter tires, and trust LAD’S to get them
ready for the upcoming driving season. Let us swap out your winter
and summer tires or provide rotation service on your all-seasons.
Need new tires? We can get most brands in same-day.

Store Your Tires With Us

No room at home for your seasonal tires? Let LAD’S store them for you. Just call when you’re ready to change over and we’ll have them waiting in our shop. No hauling tires back and forth. No more clearing room in the garage. Your family will thank us. Your back will thank us!

Request an Appointment

We’ll find a time that works with your busy schedule.