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LADS Auto now offers auto detailing services for your car or truck. Treat your ride to a good cleaning, from the inside out. We use top quality equipment and cleaners to ensure that we keep your car young and beautiful, for many years to come.

Interior Only
Interior Refresher

Recommended for a light to moderately dirty vehicle.
If your vehicle has been recently detailed by us, this is a perfect package to maintain that "just detailed" look. We can safely clean your vehicle, without inducing scratches and damage like cheap automatic car washes.

  • Interior floor vacuum
  • Upholstery vacuum
  • Door jamb de-grease
  • Dash, console and cup holder cleaning
  • Leather deep cleaning and protection

Ready in about 45 minutes!

Bronze Package
Entry-Level Detailing

Our Bronze detailing service includes:

  • Hand wash and chamois dry exterior, door jambs, wheel wells, and tires spotlessly cleaned and shined.
  • Interior and trunk thoroughly vacuumed, floor mats shampooed.
  • Surface disinfecting, all windows cleaned to a streak fee shine.

Ready in about 1 hour!

Silver Package
A thorough in & out cleaning designed to refresh your vehicle!

Our Silver detailing service includes:

  • Hand wash and dry exterior, fax wax, door jams, wheels and wheel wells all spotlessly cleaned.
  • Interior surfaces scrubbed and shined. Trunk vacuumed.
  • All windows cleaned.
  • Upholstery and carpets shampooed.
  • Engine bay detailed.
  • Tires cleaned and conditioned.

The Silver package is the perfect maintenance package to keep your vehicle looking its best throughout the year!

Ready in about 3 hours.

Gold Package
The perfect package to fully protect your ride from the harsh winter road grime!

The package is designed to protect your vehicle against caustic road salts and road grime found throughout the winter months in Calgary. In addition to everything in the Bronze and Silver package, this service includes:

  • Full Hand Wash And Chamois Dry
  • Complete Interior Vacuum
  • Multi Stage Shampoo of Upholstery, Carpets, And Mats
  • Antibacterial Scrub Of All Interior Surfaces
  • Windows Cleaned And Shined
  • Interior Vinyl And/Or Leather Protection
  • Headliner, Visor Clean
  • Wheels And Tires Cleaned And Detailed
  • Door Jams and Seals Cleaned & Protected
  • Engine Bay Steamed And Detailed
  • Dress Plastic And Rubber Trim
  • High Protection Customer Wax Hand Applied

More than 4 hours.

Vehicle Interior
Vehicle Interior

All packages include full interior vacuum; trunk vacuum; windows & mirrors; door jambs & seals; cubbies, compartments and cup holders; leather treatment.

*Extra charge applies to excessive pet hair and extremely dirty vehicles. We will notify you before any work is done if this fee applies to your vehicle.

Fleet Rates Available

For our fleet customers with multiple commercial vehicles, please contact us for a quote.